The Shackled City AP (adventure path) was the first in a line of APs. The idea is basically a game that runs from 1st level characters to around 18th level characters.

Many changes have been made to the original AP and updated to the Pathfinder rules….

The chapters order of adventures
Chapter 0 Visit the Lucky Monkey (not in the book)
Chapter 1 Life’s Bazaar
Chapter 2 Drakthar’s Way
Chapter 3 Flood Season
Chapter 4 Zenith Trajectory
Chapter 5 The Demonskar Legacy
Chapter 6 Test of the Smoking Eye
Chapter 7 Secrets of the Soul Pillars
Chapter 8 Lords of Oblivion
Chapter 9 Foundations of Flame
Chapter 10 Thirteen Cages
Chapter 11 Strike on Shatterhorn
Chapter 12 Asylum

Please look at the character creation guidelines!

PF Shackled City